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Glory to God! It’s Ours! The Gulfstream V is in our arms!

Glory to God! It’s Ours! The Gulfstream V is in our arms!

Exactly what a wonderful present! We knew the Gulfstream V would come quickly, and from now on we now have it. Plus it’s all due to you, the faithful KCM Elite CX Team members–combined aided by the blessings of a FAITHFUL Jesus!

Take a look at this video clip with Kenneth Copeland if the ministry took control regarding the Gulfstream that is debt-free V Friday, Jan. 12, 2018!

Many thanks for the Generous Gifts

As your volunteer group frontrunner, i do want to myself thank each one of you for the good gift suggestions that make feasible the CX Team’s part of assisting KCM achieve its eyesight. I’m composing you, Partner to Partner, because i am aware that with the Lord, we have been a mighty TEAM–achieving just what may seem for some as impossible! Even though the father has faithfully supplied seed for every of us to sow, He’s also shown me that he’s been planning a HARVEST for every single of us to experience.

The word we heard was harvest in fact, earlier this year when the CX leadership team met to pray and hear from the Lord. Yes, HARVEST, HARVEST, HARVEST! The father reminded us that, through our CX Team offering, TOGETHER we’ve SOWN into KCM a Citation X, a state-of-the-art HD TV truck, now we’ve sown a Gulfstream V–all of that are creating a bountiful harvest for almost any single team user.

Our company is Looking To Enjoy a huge Harvest

We should think about ourselves as sowers of this magnitude, so when harvesters who is able to enjoy at that greater destination! We now haven’t simply sown our specific CX gifts; collectively, through Mission 3, WE NOW HAVE SOWN A GV as a group. […]