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Air Force Officer Training Class (OTS) Guide

Air Force Officer Training Class (OTS) Guide

The usa Air Force separates enlisted personnel and officers into two categories that are different.

Enlisted workers represents entry-level roles in the USAF, while officers have actually university levels along with other qualifications for the leadership roles.

Going to the Air Force Officer Training class (OTS) is your first faltering step toward becoming a commissioned officer in the usa Air Force.

Find out more about the atmosphere Force Officer Training School (OTS) inside our guide that is complete to system.

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What’s the fresh air Force Officer Training School (OTS)?

Air Force Officer Training class (OTS) may be the beginner system for aspiring USAF commissioned officers.

The officer training course takes place at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.

It’s a program that is rigorous lasts 9 1/2 months and gets divided in to four stages of training. […]