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Department of Internal Affairs. Building a secure, successful and respected country

Department of Internal Affairs. Building a secure, successful and respected country

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The messages that are following suspected frauds the Department happens to be made conscious of as they are given just below to assist you prevent them.

Links to scam website pages have now been eliminated and areas have now been added to e-mail details to make sure they cannot be links.

You’ll whine about unsolicited commercial electronic messages you have got gotten by e-mail, TXT (mobile/smart phone) message, or fax (facsimile) by giving your scam reports

Take note, the Department will not investigate unsolicited telephone calls, snail mail or pop-up communications.
Reported scams that are online past years

Lotto Ripoff
What exactly is it?

People have been targeted by a sizable SMS text campaign claiming to provide them reduced Lotto tickets, or any other low priced products including the latest smartphone. Whilst the SMS message in the list above does perhaps not point out Lotto, if the target clicks the hyperlink it will probably redirect them to a well-constructed webpage advertising Lotto tickets at a low price.

The website will prompt the goal to respond to a few concerns before seeking bank card details. The scammer will then utilize this information to charge into the charge card or on-sell these details. […]