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Ask Amy: a man was met by me online and we hate their accent

Ask Amy: a man was met by me online and we hate their accent

Dear visitors: On a yearly basis I move away from my line be effective on other innovative jobs. You are hoped by me enjoy these “Best Of” Q&A from a decade ago. Today’s subject is: Digital Dating.

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Dear Amy: not long ago i met an excellent guy through an on-line site that is dating. He lives in north Michigan. We reside in Minnesota. He could be sweet, truthful, good, type and unspoiled, therefore we had a tremendously good, fun time throughout the week-end he stumbled on my city to check out.

He thinks a long-distance relationship might work I believe he could be right between us, and.

Early, before we talked in the phone, he warned me personally he has a particular type of “northern Michigan/Canadian” accent. […]