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European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Web Survey (EMIS): Design and Techniques

European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Web Survey (EMIS): Design and Techniques

ESTICOM (European studies and Training to boost MSM Community wellness) had been a project that is 3-year because of the European Commission wellness Programme by way of a tender commissioned by the people, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea). ESTICOM aimed to bolster community reactions towards the appropriate, governmental and social hurdles to your avoidance of STIs among MSM, including HIV and viral hepatitis.

The next European MSM Web Survey (EMIS) ended up being made to consolidate progress produced in multi-country studies, also to donate to ESTICOM. It absolutely was a multi-language, pan-European, collaborative HIV prevention requires evaluation, including measures of morbidity, behaviours, unmet prevention requirements and intervention performance. After on from EMIS (Weatherburn et al.) it served due to the fact 2nd revolution of the pan-European, behavioural surveillance system focussed on national samples, encompassing prevention requirements also morbidities and behaviours. EMIS was initially undertaken simply ahead of the emergence of online venues, such as for instance smartphone-based geo-spatial apps, as a common method for men to get brand brand new male intercourse lovers. This enhance in online partner looking for might be assumed become particularly salient for areas without founded homosexual communities and/or guys without strong connections to those communities (particularly males with no homosexual or identity that is bisexual some migrants). These changing habits of intimate partner seeking make online behavioural surveillance of MSM a lot more appropriate, and surveys that are online more effective.

Practices and Design
A Collaborative Survey

We conceived the task as being a large-scale partnership, the EMIS system. […]