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Advanced Academics Identification and Location for Private/Home Schooled Families

Advanced Academics Identification and Location for Private/Home Schooled Families
Submitting a Screening File

Moms and dads or guardians distribute the initial testing packet by mail into the Advanced Academic tools workplace at 8270 Willow Oaks business Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031, in accordance with the timeline above. Evidence of Fairfax County residency is needed at period of submission along with a $100 processing cost. Please make checks or cash instructions payable to FCPS (no credit or cash). Verification of receipt shall be supplied. Data won’t be returned, therefore please make copies prior to mailing.

Assessment Process
Central Selection Committee

To find out pupil eligibility for full-time degree IV positioning, a main selection committee evaluates all available information employing a holistic approach and actively seeks compelling proof that the child’s needs is not met in a broad training class room. This countywide committee consists of administrators, counselors, principals, instructors, college psychologists, and system professionals. No particular rating on any one measure determines eligibility. As a result of the measurements of the region, number of files screened, and schedule for testing procedure, the committee will not produce specific eligibility reports.

Oversight Committee

The oversight committee reviews all ineligibility choices. The committee monitors the persistence associated with the selection committee that can determine extra pupils whom have actually pages much like the pages of these discovered eligible.
Parent/Guardian Notification

Neighborhood schools are notified of most qualified choices. The AAP workplace delivers eligibility decisions as well as an AAP amount IV Permission for Placement Form to moms and dads or guardians of eligible pupils. Qualified pupils are invited to wait an orientation at their assigned AAP Level IV web site in April. […]